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Tara Maclay


“Oh my god. I’m cured. I want the boys.” – Tara Maclay

Tara is such a sweet heart. Without doubt, she is the most genuinely nice person in the entire world, real or otherwise. She is so reasonable, and level-headed. Those traits she holds through out, but when we first see her she is the uber shy, conservative almost innocent in nature type of person. Like i have already mentioned in the Willow blog, it’s Willow who ends up breaking Tara out of her shell, making her into the amazing person we all have grown to love by the end of Season 6, when she sadly dies.

My opinion might be slightly jaded, because, as i have previously mentioned, i originally watched BTVS when i was around 6 or 7, so when i re-watched it almost a year and a half ago, i knew the big plot moments already. So when Tara was finally introduced in the beginning of season 4 in a Wiccan group Willow joins, i already knew how their relationship would progress, so i immediately saw the intense spiritual and sexual chemistry. For all of you out there who more clearly remember your first time watching the BTVS series, was it that obvious when they first met? I mean, if it’s not there immediately, it has got to be there by the end of ‘Hush’. I mean, when Willow and Tara use their combined magic to push that soda machine against the door, WOOOO sparks!

I love Willow and Tara. I mean, honestly, what is not to love? Willow and Tara are TV’s first lesbian couple that were serious legit lesbians. It wasn’t a phase for either of them. They are gay. 100% no exceptions. (Not even Oz as we’ve learned!) Although it wasn’t between them, BTVS produced the first lesbian sex scene in television history (Willow and Kennedy). It was a major risk to have a lesbian couple, even in todays television, crazy religious people get all fired up over gay and lesbian couples being depicted as normal. Which they are. I absolutely LOVE they way Joss Whedon and Marti Noxon had Willow and Tara have their first kiss. It was in the episode ‘The Body’ and although we know that Willow and Tara had kissed before, the first time the audience actually saw it, was when Tara was comforting Will in her time of sorrow when Joyce died. And i think that is incredibly awesome,

because it wasn’t done in a sleazy way to get more ratings, it was done as a girl conforming her girlfriend in a time of grief. Through out Tara’s relationship with Willow she really develops into a much more ‘complete’ person, so to speak. She gains so much self-confidence and reassurance from her time with Will and The Scoobies, the way Joss allowed her character to grow and progress is truly amazing and very realistic. I love how my early-mid of season 6, Tara is just fed up with the amount of magic Willow is using, she doesn’t succumb to the fact that Willow is addicted to magic, she stands up for how she feels about it, something i think season 4 Tara wouldn’t have ever dared to do.

I really love the dynamic of the relationship between Tara and Dawn. It’s not super in your face, but i feel like its a little prevalent that Tara sort of becomes a mother-figure to Dawn after Joyce’s death, and even more after Buffy’s death at the end of season 5. To me, the most obvious proof of this is in OMWF when Tara pokes her head into Dawns room and Dawn says something regarding how she is happy that Tara and Willow aren’t fighting anymore, not knowing that Willow put a spell on Tara making her forget that fight.

Of course, Tara’s death. Her death is probably one of the most important of the entire show, the only other one that rivals it is Joyce’s. But Joyce’s only effects the show emotionally, where Tara’s death triggers a crap-ton of horrible events. I hate that Tara dies. I hate how random and sudden it is. I hate how it makes Willow feel. I hate that it makes me cry every time i watch it. With all that said, Tara’s death most  defiantly fits into how Joss tends to like to kill off his characters. Tara had finally obtained a magic-free, happy, honest and open relationship with Willow. She was so happy, she had what she had always wanted. So in the true nature of Joss, she had to die. One super significant part about Tara’s death, which goes back to what i was saying about her being so sweet and caring about other people, is that after she got shot by Warren’s stray bullet, she doesn’t acknowledge the pain she’s in, but instead, she looks at Willow and just says, “Your shirt…”. It’s so completely the nature of Tara to notice other peoples misfortunes before her own, in this case, noticing her blood spattered on Willow’s top before knowing her own pain.

I love Amber Benson as Tara. It isn’t until you view just about anything else she is for you to truly appreciate how amazing she is. And that doesn’t mean that her work as Tara is not impressive, it is. Standing alone, her work on BTVS is wonderful. But when you compare it to something else, and you really see her range both emotionally and physically as an actor, she really becomes mind-blowing then. She is much more wild and, well opposite of Tara as far as i can tell. Plus, she is so remarkably beautiful. I can’t get over it sometimes. No wonder she turned Willow gay, she could probably turn just about any one gay.

Tara Maclay: Kind, compassionate, powerful, smart and self-sure.

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Anya Jenkins


“It’s an omen! It’s a higher power trying to tell me through bunnies that we’re all gonna die! Oh god!” – Anya Jenkins

Anya is one of the most hilarious characters on Buffy, in my opinion the only person who truly rivals her wit and humor is Andrew at the end of Season 7. As i mentioned previously, Willow and Anya are with out doubt my two favorite BTVS characters. Ever since Buffy, Emma Caulfield has been one of my favorite actresses. I am pretty sure i have seen everything she has been in. Granted that isn’t a whole lot of other things, but still. Its the thought, right? I don’t really think that Anya would have worked well with anyone else besides Emma. She just IS Anya. She has that witty and sardonic sense to her, that is the purest essence of Anya. So in order to properly understand Anya, we have to start at the WAY beginning, in 88O AD.


Its weird to ever see Anya holding a bunny and looking happy, but apparently before she was Anya, before she was Anyanka, she actually loved bunnies. Her bunny fear, as far as we know, is really quite irrational. Joss never gives us a true solid reason why a girl who used to love bunnies, now is deathly afraid of them, but something happened in her thousands of years, something happened that turned her off of bunnies. Back when Aud was in existence, she was dating an awful boorish man named Olaf. He ended up cheating on her with one of the bar matrons in their small pre-civilized village. Aud was so upset and tourn up, that she conducted a strong curse that turned him into a troll, and he wrecked havoc onto their village. Loving her unique way to punish men, D’Hoffryn, a demon lord, came to her and offered her a position as a vengeance demon. She would be avenging all heartbroken women out there, and she would be living forever, with certain powers and abilities. Aud took the job and became Anyanka: Patron Saint of the Women Scorned.


From 880 to 1998 Anyanka teleported around the world, causing untold pains to evil scumbags that betrayed girls. Although Anya brings up many of her previous ‘successes’, the only one that was really was important to her character or the plot of the show is in 1199, when she traveled to some strangely obscure land to curse some unknowing guy, when she saw a sorcerer’s ascension. This made her the only living person to know anything about ascensions when The Mayor planned to ascend in season 3. Anyanka lost her powers in the episode ‘The Wish’, where she came to Sunnydale to avenge Cordelia’s heartbreak when she caught Xander and Willow kissing. Giles ended up defeating her by smashing her power source, which was a necklace with a huge green pendant. After her power source was destroyed, her vengeance powers were gone, and she was stuck as a high school student.


The two main loves of Anya’s life, are Xander and money. Not in that particular order. 🙂 Now that i have officially announced the launch of me blogging BTVS episode by episode, i don’t want to get into to many specifics with these character blogs because i feel as i might almost run out of things when i get to certain episodes, (but lets be honest, i doubt i could ever run out of things to say about BTVS). So lets just talk about the key elements that make up the true essence of ANYA JENKINS.

Her many names

1. Aud

2. Anyanka

3. Anya Emerson

4. Anya Jenkins

5. Anya Christina Emmanuella Jenkins

(Just a hopeful thought) 6. Anya Christina Emmanuella Jenkins Harris

Anya and Xander.

As i have mentioned in the Willow post, although i truly love Anya and Xander, Willow and Oz v Willow and Tara for the best BTVS couples, in my opinion. However, much like Willow and unlike Xander, Anya’s relationship drastically changed her characters personality. Xander and Anya are linked together since her very first appearance as Anyanka. She came to Sunnydale to get Cordelia to wish some sort of gruesome pain upon Xander. (As tempting as it is, I’m not going to get into ‘The Wish’ just yet, but holy guacamole will it be a super fun episode to blog about!) Anya is just a reoccurring character up until season 4, where she joins the cast officially. Anya’s relationship with Xander is what really ended up making her, ever so slightly, human. Now you might be saying, that when her power source was destroyed, that’s when she became human. But, you my friend, would be wrong. When her power source was destroyed, it made her mortal. There is a vast gap of difference between being mortal and being human. (In my opinion at least) Being Human is having emotions, and feeling compassion. Knowing something is stupid and reckless, but doing it anyway to save a friend. Being mortal is just being able to be bruised, broken and killed. I can’t exactly pin-point the exact moment that Anya became human, but as the series progressed, she became more and more human. Joyce’s death is a prime example of this, as it was the first death of someone she cared about that she had ever had to deal with in her 2000+ years.

Being with the Scoobies, saving the world, being exposed to humanity, all of that is what makes Anya’s humor come out. One of my all time favorite Anya lines is in Season 7, in the midst of all things evily and The Firsty; Anya, Dawn and Xander decide to play ‘The Game of Life’, (some of you are finally putting the pieces together (; ) and Anya just goes, “Can I trade the children for more money.” That line cracks me up every time. I just can’t get enough of it! Anya’s money-loving nature is part of where her whit and humor come from, she’s always just so straight forward about things, saying “Thank you for your money, now please leave.” to customers at The Magic Box. She is so remarkably un-knowing about how what she says can affect people, its hilarious. I think it was a fantastic idea to add her into the show, for starters, Xander needed a non-Cordelia girlfriend, and the show really needed that extra layer of humor to keep the show a little bit lighter.

Hells Bells. Such a sad episode. It angers me greatly, but *deep calming breath* we will get to that another day. In the mean time, lets talk about how Xander’s duchy decisions effected Anya as a person. First thing, it convinced her to no longer be a person, and go back to her vengeance days as Anyanka. This time, her reign as a demon of terror to all men is short lived, especially compared to her previous reign. Of course this horrible decision by Xander, triggered a chain reaction of shit-faced decisions. For example….

This makes me so angry because of how it made Buffy feel. I mean, i know her and Spike weren’t really together, despite the fact that i really wish they were. But Spike was mad at Buffy, slept with Anya in the Magic Box, in front of The Trio’s secret hidden cameras. Buffy and the gang saw, and pretty much cast them to semi-group exile. I hated it. Made me so mad. It shouldn’t have happened.


As sad as i am that Anya dies, i’m glad that she died when she did. It was the end of the very final episode. She maybe missed like 5 minutes of screen time. For the longest time i absolutely hated the way Anya died, it drove me crazy how meaningless and almost insignificant it was. However, when i was doing some research for this blog, i came across a quote from Emma Caulfield, the actress who plays Anya. She said this, “She didn’t get a big, maudlin send-off, it was very quick and to the point – very Anya in that respect.” And i realized just how right she was. The way Anya died was so very Anya. It was sort of perfect in that sense, and that made me cope with the way Joss hacked her in half with a Bringers sword.

Anya Jenkins, our favorite vengeance demon. Lover of money and capitalism, brilliantly hilarious, perfectly cynical.

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