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Welcome to the Hellmouth


buffy, giles, willow, xander


This is  the first official episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The original pilot was never aired, and featured Riff Regan as Willow Rosenburg. All of us Buffy fans know this episode, and that the main plot of it did a few things…

1. Introduced the main charecters that we have all grown to love and admire. (Buffy, Willow, Angel, Giles, Cordelia and Xander… just to name a few ;))

2. Introduces our ‘Big Bad’ for the rest of the season. The Master. And our ‘minor Bad’s’ His minions.

3. Told us about the Hellmouth and its ‘magnetic’ force for evil.

4. We also get a vague idea of Buffy’s past life in Los Angles.  (And those of us who are REAL Buffy fans have watched the horrific 80’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie with Kristy Swanson and was written by Buffy god {Joss Whedon} and we know all about Buffy’s LA life.)

In the 90’s Buffy was so technically advanced that people were amazed. Watching it in present day it almost funny the terrible graphics and vampire faces and dustings are. But we just cannot seem to get enough of this. Buffy isn’t just a phenomenon, its a revelation. Throughout the show one of the main themes is very clearly being strong. Not physically of course, but emotionally and mentally. What one of us haven’t asked ourselves “What would Buffy do?” once or twice? Buffy has changed the lives of millions. There is no was Joss Whedon could have known what he created when he decided to create a story where the blonde girl in a dark ally finally kicks some ass. Nothing like Buffy the Vampire Slayer has ever existed before, and honestly i don’t think anything will ever exist. It is, what, nearly 10 years after the very last Buffy episode was aired, and we are still talking about this. I was one year old when Buffy came out, now im 16 sitting at my desk on my macbook spewing my so-called Buffy knowledge out to the interweb. That is a cultural phenomena, and i am ecstatic to be a part of it.